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Colored Tetris

Colored Tetris

Title:Colored Tetris
Publisher:2VG Group
Date added:2004-8-4
Size:2.65 MB
License:$0 to buy
Screenshot: View Screenshot


The game combining three types of classic tetris game: Standard Tetris, First Row and Colored Tetris. Standard Tetris is a well-known classic game. First Row differs from Standard Tetris in that you must gather only the first row while the program tries to prevent this by filling the field with blocks randomly. The most remarkable is the option of Colored Tetris. In this game you have to gather rows of three and more same-colored blocks in diagonal, vertical or horizontal. The more rows are gathered at once the more score you gain. The program support skins. Also you can change a field background, blocks images, sets of sounds, sets of figures, size of the field and many

Free demo download 2.65 MB

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