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5Cup -- Home & Education -- Science -- Starry Night Backyard

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Starry Night Backyard

Starry Night Backyard

Title:Starry Night Backyard
Publisher:SPACE.com Canada, Inc.
Date added:2004-8-4
Size:15.57 MB
License:$34.94 to buy
Screenshot: View Screenshot


Starry Night Backyard is perfect for learning your way around the night sky. With it you can view the sky as it will appear from your very backyard or from any planet. See the sky tonight, the sky last week, next year, or when you were born. Have Starry Night Backyard automatically identify constellations as you look at them. Use Starry Night's exclusive LiveSky.com connection to bring up more information from the web on thousands of objects.Starry Night Backyard includes over a million stars, all the planets, positions of the Messier objects and stick figures of all the constellations. Travel in time from 4713 BC to 9999 AD and even see what the night sky looked like on your birthday. Watch phases of the moon, trace orbits of planets and comets, blast off and visit a planet or star up to 20,000 light years away, make QuickTime movies and

Free demo download 15.57 MB

Buy full version $34.94

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