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Optimal Desktop -Professional Edition

Optimal Desktop -Professional Edition

Title:Optimal Desktop -Professional Edition
Publisher:Optimal Access, Inc.
Date added:2005-12-1
Size:8106 KB
License:$59.50 to buy
Screenshot: View Screenshot


Optimal Desktop empowers you to browse more efficiently than any other browser. Now you can easily bookmark your favorite web sites, RSS feeds, files and folders in a multi window tab browser and get to any of them with 3 clicks or less! Block popups, record Internet passwords, fully customize your toolbars and viewing windows, easily assign keyboard shortcuts to commands and build your browser to work the way you do! Optimal Desktop offers very powerful link sharing features. You can add comments to the links you store and copy them to your email client, or share them on a RSS feed file format (XML), or in a tabbed browser file that makes it easy to share hundreds of links plus navigation. You can easily export all of your rss feeds to OPML files, and your url's to an XML feed file.

Free demo download 8106 KB

Buy full version $59.50

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