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5Cup -- Internet Utilities -- Communications -- Outlook Plug-in (Corporate 10K Messages)

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Outlook Plug-in (Corporate 10K Messages)

Outlook Plug-in (Corporate 10K Messages)

Title:Outlook Plug-in (Corporate 10K Messages)
Date added:2004-8-5
License:$399.95 to buy
Limitations:10000 Uses Comes with 10,000 mes
Screenshot: View Screenshot


Send an e-mail to any device - you can send an e-mail to your wife's home phone. Her phone will ring and a text-to-speech engine will play the text to her over the phone. Send a message to any person's device in your contact list - the MS Outlook Plug-in uses all your existing contacts and their devices to send messages. Now you can send messages to Phones (landline and mobile, voice and text), SMS (send long messages beyond 160 characters and even voice messages to SMS), Fax machines, Email, Instant messengers and Pagers. Forward your e-mail to your mobile phone - your e-mail can all be sent as an SMS to your mobile phone. Have the full message read out to you immediately - To hear the interesting e-mails, all you have to do is press the "Send" button on your mobile phone. You will hear the complete e-mail message including any sound attachments. Reply and forward e-mails from your mobile with your own voice - Best yet, you can reply directly by simply speaking your reply. Your voice recording will be sent back to the original sender's e-mail. You can also forward the e-mail message to others. Send notifications from your calendar to your mobile phone - when your calendar reminds you of a meeting, this is sent as an SMS to your mobile phone.

Free demo download 952KB

Buy full version $399.95

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