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Publisher:Stortingham Industries LLC.
Date added:2004-7-14
Size:8,853 K
License:249.00$ to buy
Limitations:Expires after 30 Days
Screenshot: View Screenshot


SmartToolEngine is a good-optimized high-performance ActiveX component for creating and managing WinXP like style window menus, toolbars, popup menus and context menus with various appearance styles.<br /> <br /> Features Summary<br /> <br /> Tools Support<br /> <li>Automatic support of group and state buttons <br /> <li>Embedded calendar tool and combo box tool <br /> <li>Extended tooltips. Specify both text and caption for the tooltip <br /> <li>Captioned separator in popup <br /> <li>Support of up to five different pictures, each one for every possible state of toolbar buttons <br /> <li>Multiple shortcuts per one tool <br /> <li>Label tool <br /> <li>Automatic image generation <br /> <br /> Popup Menus and Toolbars<br /> <li>Personalized menus <br /> <li>Context menus <br /> <li>Popup toolbars <br /> <li>Toolbars locking <br /> <br /> Developer Framework<br /> <li>Full Unicode support <br /> <li>Tool Inspector Utility. Allows you to create application interface easily <br /> <li>STE Code Generator Utility. Let it do the most elaborating part of the job for you <br /> <li>Comprehensive programmer's reference <br /> <li>Illustrative sample projects. The set of sample projects works as "how to" reference on the product <br /> <li>More than a hundred of commonly used icons are shipped with the developer suite. <br /> <br /> Appearance<br /> <li>Two different modern styles <br /> <li>Color and Font. Change these settings easily according to the overall application interface idea <br /> <li>Up to five different images per one button or menu item <br /> <li>Original toolbars behaviour model <br /> <br /> Object Model<br /> <li>Rich object model allows to manage the application's interface in natural manner <br /> <li>Centralized tool management provides an easy way to handle corresponding buttons and popup menu items as one object <br /> <br /> Performance<br /> <li>High speed and correct system resources usage <br /> <li>Environment friendly <br /> <br /> Compatible Containers:<br /> Compatible with all software development environments that support ActiveX. <br /> Has been tested on: <br /> <li>Microsoft Visual Studio .NET <br /> <li>Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 <br /> <li>Microsoft Office 2000/2003

Free demo download 8,853 K

Buy full version 249.00$

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