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AffiliateNow SDK for RegNow Vendors

AffiliateNow SDK for RegNow Vendors

Title:AffiliateNow SDK for RegNow Vendors
Date added:2003-1-8
Size:200 KB
License:$ 36.25 to buy
Screenshot: View Screenshot


Affiliate Now is a tool which enables your RegNow affiliate to create a "special build installer" with just one click. You can make a "General Affiliate Build" and create your own installer as usual, and release your installer together with our AffiliateNow.exe file (100K) at your website's Affiliate Program page. <BR><BR> After your affiliate downloaded the "General Affiliate Build", he can run AffiliateNow.exe and input information, such as your RegNow Product ID, his RegNow AffiliateID and his website URL, to change the "General Affiliate Build" into his own "Special Affiliate Build", with just one click! <BR><BR> You need not expose your program codes and files which need to be installed. What you need to do is offer the "General Affiliate Build" setup.exe file. <BR><BR> <b>More Information:</b> <a href="../www.affiliate-now.com/default.htm" target="_blank">http://www.affiliate-now.com</a>

Free demo download 200 KB

Buy full version $ 36.25

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