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System Spyware Interrogator

Title:System Spyware Interrogator
Publisher:Trisnap Technologies
Date added:2004-7-14
Size:1,997 K
License:0.00$ to buy
Limitations:Never Expires


System Spyware Interrigator (SSI) was created to provide real time spyware information to assist in the identificaion, detection and removal procedures of spyware both known and unknown. SSI is freeware, with no strings attached. SSI looks at the Spyware hot spots on your computer and compares that information anonymously with thousands of other anonymous users. Trisnap Technologies has been identifying spyware for over two years now. We have amassed a very large database of spyware that is now available to the public. ( http://www.spywaredata.com ). By using SSI you contribute to the Anti-Spyware detection efforts of many organizations that use www.spywaredata.com for Spyware identification. SSI compares your spyware infested computer against this massive database and immediately returns information to you about what is installed on your computer. The database is dynamically updated everytime you use it so your guaranteed to have the latest spyware information on the tips of your fingers. SSI is the ONLY Spyware detection application available that detects unknown spyware! SSI bundles absolutly NO spyware or adware inside the application, and we require no email address or other information to use SSI.

Free demo download 1,997 K

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