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Pick of the Week
BookWorm DeluxeBookWorm DeluxeBookWorm Deluxe Download Page BookWorm Deluxe - Ready to eat your words? Chain letters to feed the hungry BookwormBejeweled for WindowsBejeweled for WindowsBejeweled for Windows Download Page Windows version of Bejeweled (also known as Diamond Mine) that you can play on your PC any time you want.
Smart Tank - 1.0pop
A ruins city was invaded for the enemies, there are tanks in all the area
Price: $0
File Size: 14758 KB

Smugglers Tournament - 1.0pop
SMUGGLERS TOURNAMENT enables you to participate (offline) in the 1st Internat...
Price: $9.99
File Size: 5.18 MB
License: N/A

Sokoban for Windows - 2.0pop
Cool version of this classical strategy game. The object of the game is to push boxes into their correct position in a crowded warehouse with a minimal number of pushes and moves. It sounds easy, but wait till you have tried it. More than 1600 levels
Price: 14.90$
File Size: 2,547 K
License: Expires after 30 Days

SOLAR WARS - 1.00pop
SOLAR WARS is a turn-based space strategy game, based in a distant solar syst...
Price: $20.00
File Size: 10.24 KB
License: N/A

Soldiers of Empires - 1.1pop
Soldiers of Empires Download Page High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front.
Price: $ 29.95
File Size: 3057 KB
License: save/load

Soldiers of Empires - 1.0pop
Soldiers of Empires.High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front. Stal...
Price: $39.95
File Size: 3.05 MB
License: N/A

Soldiers of Empires - 1.3pop
Soldiers of Empires. High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front. Stalin or Hitler? USSR or Germany?
Price: 29.95$
File Size: 4,685 K
License: Never Expires

Space General - World War IV - 1.0pop
Space turn-based strategy game, tactical WW4 conflict.
Price: 21.95
File Size: 4394
License: Shareware

Stan - Hi all Gifts for valentines daypop
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Price: $0
File Size: KB

StanleyHero Hockey Practice - 2.02pop
StanleyHero Hockey Practice Download Page Hockey action card scoring game with rink reactions for WIN PC's. Play 3 cards close enough to shoot. Try to score.
File Size: 6951 KB
License: Saving is unavailable.

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