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Pay Per Click AnalyzerPay Per Click Analyzer Download Page Allows online advertisers to manage thousands of keywords and marketing campaignPayWindow Payroll SystemPayWindow Payroll SystemPayWindow Payroll System Download Page Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers.
PatchFactory - 2.0pop
Efficient and easy-to-use patch building tool for software and file updating. Easy and visual navigation through old and new version files images and powerful patch engine provide easy and effective generating of small size update packages.
Price: 95.00$
File Size: 1,672 K
License: Expires after 20 Days

PatchFactory - 3.2pop
Comprehensive solution for creating secure full-history software update modules.
Price: 345
File Size: 3131
License: Shareware

PromoteSoft - 1.24pop
PromoSoft Software Submission works really fast !
Price: 79
File Size: 76
License: Shareware

QuickBuild - 1.0.1pop
a cross-platform build automation and management server
Price: 2199
File Size: 19531
License: Shareware

RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software - 1.6pop
If you sell software or other products via the Internet, then RegKeeper is a must have for you. It will supply you with a robust database-driven system for tracking electronic sales and will automate most of routine work with orders processing.
Price: 99.00$
File Size: 4,430 K
License: Expires after 30 Days

ResumeFinder - 2008pop
Find resumes of passive candidates on the Internet
Price: 349.95
File Size: 11425
License: Shareware

SearchSites - 3.5pop
A free, time-saving tool for searching software sites.
Price: 0.00
File Size: 1991
License: Freeware

SoftwareShield System -
The SoftwareShield System is a full featured licensing and copy-protection system for software developers who create Windows applications. Using the SoftwareShield System allows your team will save substantial development time and money.
Price: 379.95$
File Size: 12,985 K
License: Expires after 30 Days

Stardust Setup Packager - 3.0.104pop
Package multiple setup programs into a single self-extracting executable
Price: 29
File Size: 1661
License: Shareware

MaSaI Editor - 1.1pop
Software Installation Editor and Creator Tool with a Software Repackager. Ideal for software developers wanting to create an installation program for their product or for Software Packagers.
Price: 0.00$
File Size: 5,000 K
License: Never Expires

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